designBridge (dB for short) is a multi-disciplinary student organization linking the University of Oregon with the surrounding community by offering design and design-build services to local organizations that don’t have resources to acquire professional design services.  More about dB here:

Our Natural Playscapes Team:


M.Arch 2013
BA Psychology
I joined designBridge because it fosters everything I want architecture to be about: collaboration, service, design/build. I am excited, humbled and grateful for the experience of working on a project that is grounded in reality. The fact that it is a playscape for kids only makes it that much better! My hope is that everyone involved will walk away from this project with new friendships, more knowledge, a sense of empowerment, and most importantly, big smiles on their faces. =)


2nd year of M. Architecture program
Previous education and experience: undergraduate degree in philosophy; former teacher, tutor, and wilderness instructor
Interest in dB: I hope to eventually facilitate small design-build projects, using participatory design as a means for building relationships, empowerment, knowledge, and awareness of ecological and social issues.


I live in Eugene, but also frequent the coast where I enjoy the sand dunes, expansive beach horizons, and quite wetlands.

My approach to design is characterized by an appreciation for the capacity of tactile intelligence from putting the pen to paper, or application of materials in the field.
The playscape project attracted my interest due to it’s capacity to integrate the children, teachers and parents in the design process.
I am also fascinated by the idea that the playscape can be a adaptable-modular space that the children can modify through play.


2nd year graduate student of architecture, B.A. in sociology from McGill University
I like this project because unlike most projects in architecture school, we have the opportunity to realize a design – one that improves conditions in the local community.  That our particular project will be a place for kids to play and learn makes it that much more exciting.  I love to make and collaborate on art, and I see this project as a bridge from that realm into architectural creation.  The natural component of this project also resonates – nature was the big draw for me to come out here from New York City.


M.Arch 2013
I joined designBridge to learn, imagine, explore, build, and share.  I’m excited about the playscape project because it is a pretty unique design challenge.  It’s a chance for us to work with clients who don’t usually get much say in their environment – the kids – and has a specific program that isn’t often a priority in architecture, but is a big part of life – play and learning.


2nd Year Option III Graduate of Architecture
BFA in Graphic Design, minor in Furniture Making from VCU
Interested in: learning, creating, playing

I joined designBridge because I love the philosophy behind design/build projects. You pour your heart and soul into a really great design, and you are there as it comes into fruition. You see it with your mind, then your hands, then all of your senses. It’s your child from day one. Your gift into the world.

More importantly, designBridge’s approach to design/build is largely that of community interaction. We are creating sustainable designs, not only through material and building processes, but through properly fitting the social contexts of our build sites. It’s a great challenge. The entire experience has been invaluable.




I joined designBridge because it incorporates all the things I value most in architecture: the idea of cooperative group design, sustainability, and most importantly, the ability for design to help engage communities. I am looking forward to working on the Spencer View Playscapes project and learning more about landscape architecture and the construction process.

Miranda Lee

Bachelor of Arts in Judaic Studies, University of Oregon
Interests: Israeli & Palestinian Conflict, Anna Wintour, and Friday Night Lights

Making kids smile? How could anyone refuse this designBridge project?! I joined designBridge this past Fall and fell in love with not only the process of designing, but the palpable reality of our designs. Collaborating with our Spencerview clients and seeing our project slowly develop into fruition has been nothing less than amazing.




UO Year: MLA 2013
Prior Education: Bachelor of Environmental Design (BEnvDes), University of British Columbia 2007

I decided to participate in designBridge for the chance to collaborate with students in a variety of creative disciplines and to connect with the community of Eugene outside of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts. The Playscape project is the perfect opportunity to explore ways to design fun, exciting, engaging environments for all types of young learners and adventurers.


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